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Embrace and Enhance your nature 

At FuKuMikke, we utilize the logic of body type and personal color analysis, combined with the power of machine learning, to quantify the suitability of clothing. We then provide personalized recommendations for the perfect outfit.

About Iqilu inc

Iqilu is inspired by the Japanese word "いきる" (ikiru),

which means "bringing out the best of itself," "lively," and "life."



Our mission is to create a world where people feel empowered, thrive in their lives, and embrace their true selves without compromise.


With FuKuMikke, we use machine learning to "bring out the best in people" and give new "life" to clothing that might otherwise go to waste. Together, we can build a more "lively" and sustainable future.

What decides "looking good"?

The idea of "looking good" is based on

three main factors: clothing size, color, and shape.

By breaking down and quantifying these elements,

we can visualize how well the clothes match

the individual's unique attributes.


​Body shape

Your body's shape can be categorized into three main types: Straight, Wave, and Natural.


The key factor is whether your body tends to be upper-heavy or lower-heavy.

Other factors like muscle distribution, skin texture, and body structure also play a role in determining these types.


By wearing clothes that suit your body type, you can achieve a polished and stylish appearance.


Color type

The aspect of utilizing skin texture and facial features to determine suitable colors is known as "personal color."

It is broadly classified into four types, and the diagnosis is based on factors such as the glow of the skin and hair, the tendency to show redness, and the impression of the eyes.

By choosing flattering colors, it enhances your natural facial features and skin tone.



XS〜XL and other familiar size options are commonly known.


You probably already know that it's important to choose the size that fits you best.

"Looking good" is very important.

"Looking good" is actually a vital factor for most people

when picking clothes.


According to surveys, the top criterion for choosing clothes is whether they "look good" or not.


And nearly 40% of clothing selection failures are because the clothes didn't "look good" on the person.

​Q: Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your clothes after buying them?

More than 80% have experienced this.

​Wanting to look good but

it seems harder than expected...

FuKuMikke is the solution

"Fit Diagnosis" function

By implementing it within the apparel store, we can instantly diagnose how well each item fits each body shape and personal color.

We can give a gentle push to customers who are unsure if the clothes suit them

​"Fit Classification" Category Function

By categorizing products based on their suitability, we not only offer traditional item-based categorization but also ensure a smooth journey from customer search to purchase.

​Contribution Visualization Dashboard

You can easily verify the actual contributions of FuKuMikke's features through the dashboard. In addition to customer demographic data and purchase history, you can also see which items suit them best.


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